Listen to the Weymouth New Testament translation of Ephesians 1:3-6; Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has crowned us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly realms in Christ; even as, in His love, He chose us as His own in Christ before the creation of the world, that we might be holy and without blemish in His presence. For He pre-destined us to be adopted by Himself as sons through Jesus Christ–such being His gracious will and pleasure– to the praise of the splendour of His grace with which He has enriched us in the beloved One.

When we meditate upon these beautiful revelatory verses we discover several magnificent truths concerning Father’s view of His sons. Truths that should transform our thinking concerning how completely the sacrifice of Christ has removed our sins from the mind of the Father and subsequently positioned us in Christ so as to live in and from the heavenly realms having access to every spiritual blessing found there.

Let me first draw your attention to the truth of being chosen in Christ before the creation of the world. This is a tremendous revelation of how much you mean to our Father God. God saw you in His mind’s eye before he uttered the initiating command, “Let there be light.” The truth is you were conceived in Father’s heart-mind first before being physically conceived in your mother’s womb. While you were developing in the womb your parents were wondering about you-whether a boy or girl, what color hair and eyes, what talents and abilities you would possess, all with joyous anticipation of seeing, holding and knowing you for the first time. But Father had already saw you in your entirety, knew you completely, and had been holding you in the love of His heart from before the foundation of the world.

Before He thought about the earth, seas, sun, moon and stars, the animals, birds and fishes, He was thinking of you-and He saw you in the entirety of your being. Before any of these were created, He knew every detail and circumstance of your life-the family you would be born into, your nationality, the historical times of your life. Psalm 139 reveals that before a single word is uttered from your tongue Father knows what you are going to say, which means He knows what you will think before you think it. No wonder the Psalmist said such truth was too wonderful for him and beyond his comprehension-but nonetheless he believed and confessed it!

But what we must see is this: He also saw my sin before I was born into sin. He not only knew me in my sin-but chose me as His in spite of my sin before I breathed my first breath of life in this world. Our Father is so holy and pure His love must be unconditional to be worthy of Him. Therefore, forseeing man’s eventual sin, His love moved Him in mercy to solve the sin problem before He created a single thing or human being.

Imagine if you can, the strength and intensity of Father’s love for Adam as His hands lovingly fashioned Adam’s physical body from the dust of the earth; and with what immense joy He blew the breath of His spirit-love into Adam that he become a living soul. I can imagine this huge smile of satisfaction on Father’s heart when Adam opened his eyes for the frst time as He looked at the crowning jewel of His creation-man! The thought of Adam’s eventual sin did not diminish the immense joy of that moment one iota for Father’s love had already removed Adam’s sin from Father’s consciousness: for the Etrnal Son already agreed to be the sacrifice for the sins of all humanity. This is why Jesus is entitled-the Lamb slain from the foundation of the earth. He who is the begining and the end, and who knows the end from the beginning, finished it all in Christ before He began. Father saw you washed and cleansed from your sin through the blood of the Holy Lamb of God from before the foundation of the world-so at that time He chose you, holy and without blemish in Christ-you’re sin was not a factor in the choice. Let your soul rejoice and your heart rest in your Father loves for you.

Let us observe this truth in the life of King David. Father directed the Seer Samuel to anoint David to be the next King of Israel as a young lad. Father did so with perfect foreknowledge of David’s adultery with Bathsheeba, and his subsequent muder of Uriah-Bathseeba’s husband-to cover up his egregious sin against God. Now Father had revealed to Samuel before-hand in 1 Samuel 13:14, that the one He had chosen to succed Saul as the King of Israel was a man after His own heart. Father looked into David’s heart, knowing him intimately from before the foundation of the world, and saw David’s life-long heart cry to be a man who wanted to manifest God’s heart in his own life. Therefore Father chose David to be the king because he would filfill all of God’s will. Yet Father saw David’s sin of adultery and murder looming out there in David’s future. However, Father also foresaw David’s thorough repentance when confronted with his sin as recorded in Pslam 51. Here is what I want us to see: Father’s unconditional love for David preceded David, promoted David in spite of forseen sin, preserved David through his sin failure, and prevailed in David’s heart through all his days.

Father’s love for you precedes you, promotes you, preserves you, and will prevail in your heart through all your days! Rejoice for you have been loved and chosen by the Father, perfect in Christ, from before the foundation of the world. HE THOUGHT OF YOU FIRST!

In my next post we will examine what it means to be crowned with every spiritual blessing in heavenly realms. Until then-live in the light of knowing you are loved and chosen from before the foundation of the world.

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